Zhang Sah Bainbridge – Passive House Martial Arts School

Zhang Sah Bainbridge St. axon


Zhang Sah Bainbridge – Passive House Martial Arts School

Philadelphia Pennsyslvania  – 2010
passive house renovation 

BluPath worked with the CEO of a martial arts studio and educational center to examine the adaptive reuse of an under-utilized commercial building to create a permanent home for the South Philadelphia facility. The project was designed to near zero energy usage by meeting the Passive House Standard.

The new school design renovates an existing two story attached building and adds an accessible roof and wing with 4 new large studios spanning the existing parking lot, maintaining required parking and access. The building features solar collectors, south facing light monitors to enhance energy performance, and comfortable spaces with great indoor air quality to create an exceptional learning facility to support the school’s mission and stabilize future operational costs.

BluPath brought in a construction manager interested in Passive House construction techniques to prepare a schematic level project budget based on simple drawings and limited information.