PCS 020 Entry Lobby-7
PCS 019 Lobby-Conf-6
PCS 021Small Conf-8
PCS 018 Picture Wall-5
PCS 017 Aisle-4
PCS 016 Work Area-3
PCS 015 Open Office-2
PCS 011 Break room-1


PhillyCarShare Offices
Philadelphia Pennsylvania – 2008
office fit-out and furniture services

PhillyCarShare moved their corporate and back-of-house offices from West Philadelphia to a Center City office building to accommodate rapidly increasing numbers of customers and employees.

BluPath worked closely with the Executive Director to design economical and efficient daylighted spaces within a fixed footprint. Simple spaces and rich colors create a bold statement within a modest budget. Sustainable features-wheat board cabinets, low- VOC paints and adhesives, and high-efficiency light fixtures- were added to building standard improvements.

BluPath provided space planning, materials and finish recommendations and systems furniture design services.

Photo Credits
Sam Oberter Architectural Photography